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Our Features

To deliver services, we employs a range of Ku and C-Band geostationary satellite spacecrafts from a number of esteemed operators.

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Satellite Internet Services

We deliver high speed satellite internet access services broadband Public IP connection to any point of the World.

Our satellite access solutions are designed to provide end users with satellite broadband Internet access.

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Worldwide Coverage

With coverage including Europe, Asia,Middle East, Africa, Americas and Commonwealth of Independent States. Our mission is to deliver high-performance applications centric global satellite Internet connectivity services to residential customers, remote businesses.

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Satellite Internet services can be deployed to use satellite phones, access email servers, sending and accessing documents and files and basically giving you the ability to access and use any computer.

Our Works

We deliver full Internet access to any place in the world.

A satellite can focus on a specific region, and multiple satellites can form a network to extend the coverage globally.

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Infinite solution for you

You can use our Services to your company, your science project ,your military project or for a naval hospital.

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Unlimited communication

Our satellite Internet for business is a perfect solution to providing you with Internet connection and continual access to all aspects of your business or operation.

Our NETWORK offers services to support data, voice, and video applications.

Downside of Satellite Internet services:

•Satellite is slower than cable and DSL. •Obstacles like trees, mountains and severe storms can interrupt a satellite signal. •Satellite Internet service providers limit the amount of bandwidth per customer. •Plans typically include metered usage based on GB used and time of day. •Business connectivity can be interrupted in very severe weather.

Upside of Satellite Internet services:

•Satellite is available virtually everywhere. •Technology advancements offer higher speeds at lowers costs. •Broadband services traditionally have low up-front costs for equipment and installation. •Business-grade service provides speed and reliability. Upgrade speeds without changing equipment. •Add users and locations with ease. •Improvements in satellite offer stability in inclement weather.

Our Services

We work with a number of satellite network providers who provide different zones of coverage across Europe.Depending on your location you may have a choice of up to 3 satellites to link. We can either relocate the antenna at your property or point to another satellite to get you connected to our high speed service.


If you live in a rural area, or are in one of the areas where fibre currently isn’t available, then alternative technologies such as satellite broadband provide a great solution.


Retail POS,Maritime satellite,Hotels,Industrial monitoring,MEDIA(broadcasting stations),Remote ATM locations,Internet Service Providers,Oil and Gas Platforms.


Military locations,Airports,Enterprise networks,Naval use,Air force use,Remote camp locations,Disaster Recovery


Universities,Schools,Hospitals (Telemedicine),Buses,Trains,Ferrys,City hall cars,Mountain camp,Remote islands,Homeland Security

Tooway® is a high speed internet access consumer solution.

All you need is a satellite dish and a modem connected to the computer to be connected to the web via Tooway®. Tooway® transmits and receives with just the same power as a mobile phone (2W) and is located outside the house

Our Contacts

Contact our sales team today and let us introduce you to our services.


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